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Ok…this posting is going to be ALL about Baileys! Hahahaha…beware. On his birthday, I gave him canned food to eat instead of his usual processed pellets. Guess what? My dear Baileys danced! He shook his butt and his hind legs seemed to be doing something like a moonwalk…so cute! And then I threw him a balloon yesterday and it was so fun watching him push the balloon away and trying to chase it. He eventually learnt to grab the balloon with his teeth (biting the end where one ties the balloon). Well, he was naughty too..he bit the corner of our wooden cupboard in the living room. Now there’s unsightly scratch marks on the corner and resembles two of his dogs. Another adorable thing that he did was this: he saw pigeons on the ledge from my bro’s room windows. He just sat there staring at the birds and then he started whining because he couldn’t chase them. Awwww…..ok…I’m in love with my Dog. Not happy is it? This is my blog…I don’t give a rat’s ass for what people think…HAHAHAHA….if you can’t stand this entry, just sod off…lalalalalalala…my darling Baileys! *muaks*

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