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I read some of my other friends’ blogs and I’m so ashamed at the look of mine….hahaha…the rest of my friends have very cool or cute backgrounds! Ok…let me go and search for a wow background…I keep changing mine…hahaha…heck.

I think God’s telling me to study…my mother, bro and suddenly Joel were hupping about me hitting the books. Ok…I’ll let the books hit me instead. One thing I like about my Uni life is that I don’t have to study a lot to maximise my results. For this semester’s exams, I have 3 open book exams (YAHOO!) and the last paper is only worth 30%. The 30% paper isn’t study-able ‘cos it’s a script and the questions are based on the script and our personal experience during the play production. My dear family members….please trust my smoking abilities…I’ve churned out intelligent crap all the time and have been praised for doing so.

Nonetheless, I know that I still have to study. I’ve got to get better insight into all the facts that I have in order to give kick-ass essays during the exam. One of my papers will be held in Kent Ridge Hall. I don’t want to go there. Too many memories. I don’t want to run into him. I just want to erase him out of my life. I don’t hate him, I don’t like him, I don’t care about him anymore. But the Hall itself stands as a testimony to all the ups and downs that we’ve shared. Too many ties I have with that place. I hate it when I remember things too well. *wry smile* why can’t my memory run its full potential when it comes to studying? Hur hur….

Anyway, I received another comment from another anonymous person telling me that I’m lost. Well…in some ways I know that I am…but I really feel that I’ve lost my original direction and am heading for another path that I don’t quite like. It’s because of this that I’ve lost drive, passion and am doing things routinely. *sigh* if only I could get a job where I can watch anime and movies all day. That’ll be fantastic and I’ll say that I’m not aimless….HAHAHA.

Ah well….time to pretend to be hardworking. Damn…I forgot about the dishes in the sink! Ok…dishes then comes notes….*sigh* I’m sighing too damn much…going to turn into an old lady soon. I said LADY….. – .-

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