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Stupid idiotic Canadian moose of a professor. HE hasn’t marked my essay which I’ve sent him ONE month ago! Damn him! And he can’t find it in his mailbox and this is what he wrote: “if you wish to have a grade for it, please send it IMMEDIATELY. I have to give the grades by tomorrow.” He is such a disorganised arse! What’s his fiaking problem? And he should have marked all the papers WAY before today or yesterday for that matter because he has to mark exam papers as well! Arse. Stupid canadian moose. He had better give me a good grade because of all the hassle he put me through. It’s NOT my fault that he hasn’t marked my paper or that he can’t find it in his mailbox. *sigh*

Anyway, he’s not going to dampen my mood to think of my Christmas wishlist. Haha…I was thinking of working as a student assistant for USP. For 10 days of work, I would get $700. However, if I do go for it, I can’t go for the bazaar at Ngee Ann which is from the 22-24. BUmmer….$700….*dreams* Ok…back to the topic of Christmas wishlist. ‘Tis the season of giving and receiving…so to make my family and friends’ lives easier, here’s my wishlist:

1. MP3 Player (if it doubles up as a thumb drive, it’ll be my idea of perfection)
2. Sony Ericsson S700i…I’ll settle for the k700i too but my dream phone is still the S700i

There it is…this is my super short list. These are the only 2 things in life that I can safely say I want but don’t really need. I don’t really need much though. Haha…don’t you just love the frills in life???

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