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I ate durian on thurs, sat and yesterday…I ate durian fudge cake, durian cream puffs & sing’s dad’s durian birthday cake. I’ve eaten my whole year’s worth of durian. I was burping durian like madness yesterday. Didn’t help that I had 3 glasses of wine while eating durian either. I need to buy liang teh already.

Oh, let me recount an incident with a taxi driver yesterday. This taxi driver first said that I don’t look local….that I looked Malaysian. AND almost immediately, he commented that I looked more mature than my age!!!!!! NOT only that, he started talking about University degrees and he insisted that an Arts degree is useless. His basis of argument? His niece who is an Arts graduate. And then later, he said that for an Arts graduate, one has to work overseas in order to go far. Furthermore, he predicted that Singapore will become a finacial hub within the next 10 years. Therefore, an Arts degree is useless and it’s better to graduate with a Biz/accounting degree. I told him that an Arts degree can be used to enter banking and finance too. However, I think he didn’t “hear” it. He insisted that Chemistry or Chemical Engineering degrees are the best right now because of the chemical industries that Singapore currently has. He claims that he says so due to the fact that many of these chemical companies hire several foreigners and pay them very high pay, indicating a lack of local talents. I told him that it depends on the companies because some companies pay their expat employees on local terms. In other words, these foreigners get the same pay as their local counterparts within the same company. I added that I’ve got a friend who is majoring in Chemistry and my friend has spoken to chemists working in pharmaceutical companies and chemical firms. All these chemists say that there are more chemists looking for jobs than positions available. The pay isn’t that fantastic either. Well…as the “debate” ceased in the cab, he had to continue saying that I looked older than my age before I left the taxi. Damn him.

Baileys whined like mad last night and this morning because I refused to let him sleep on my bed. This morning, he couldn’t wait for permission and flew onto my bed. I was too sleepy to push him off. My mother walked out of her rm and Baileys flew over my head and onto the floor when he saw her approach my bedroom. Hahahahaha….flying doggies….Baileys ought to join the circus. He’s now giving me the horribly adorable look while he rests his whole head onto the floor. He’s occupying the whole corridor. Nobody can walk past him. Everyone has to walk OVER him. Haha…corridor rug. =P

I went to the dentist on Sat. He said that I have to remove my wisdom tooth. And the best way to correct my crooked tooth is to remove it and then wear braces to straighten everything out. That’s 3K a pop. Yikes. (Baileys didn’t have any more patience…he pawed me just now.)

Well, Sing & I will be conducting porcelain painting classes this 22-23. $45 per course. We took out an ad in the Classifieds. That’s $34.65 a pop. Her phone’s not ringing off the hook. Damn. We need more ads. I’ve put a bulletin on my friendster page and sms-ed friends. I hope Kewei has enough time to add this new ad onto our website. And I also hope that we’ve got enough time to print out flyers and dump it into our neighbours’ mailboxes. The extremely stupid thing about my condo (and the new management) is that they don’t allow any commercial ads on the condo notice board. The only commercialism allowed is if the management has something to gain OR it’s a large commercial entity like PacNet. Poo to the management. In the past, many people read the notice board for ads like tuition, baby-sitting or garage sales. Now, all of us are pasting ads on the sly. The security guards then have to walk around the whole estate removing those ads. Silly of the management. If they allowed a notice board for all these “commercial” activities, people wouldn’t resort to pasting them all over the place AND the security guards need not go around removing them. Non?

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