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We went to Sentosa today…the whole family including Baileys. It was meant to be a fun filled day but it was rather disappointing due to the following reasons:
1. It started to rain 1/2 hr after we got there
2. The cafe was under renovation and we had to use those temporary smelly ones
3. Baileys was afraid of the waves and refused to go any further than a few steps into the sea
4. The car’s backseat was a little dirtied due to Baileys’ trashing around
5. Baileys hates showers and refused to stay quietly under the shower so that I could get rid of most of the sand
6. Baileys struggling left, right and centre cause he wants to go where he wants to go
7. We had to take a LONG route back to the car from Burger King because the stupid parrots on show are afraid of dogs
8. Parents walked slowly to the car while I was carrying my stupid cow (weighing in at 15kgs)…I think I may have developed more muscles…
9. Stupid cow refused to eat grapes after eating my potato salad (homemade with yummy bacon bits and eggs)

I’m now tired and nice smelling (thank god for hot showers at home)…baileys is wet but nice smelling…the floor is not sandy cos Gor’s vacuuming…(ow..the bigger stupid cow rolled over my toe with the vacuum)…we’re going to shave Baileys after he dries! So overall…I would say today at the beach was quite a success! Would I bring Baileys to the beach? Hmm….it’s certainly a hassle to shower him…but it’s sheer joy to see him run so freely (Sentosa has a leash on policy tho..shh…don’t tell anyone that I unleashed him) and have so much fun running along the beach!

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