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6:30 am I was woken up by my bro’s radio alarm clock. (He must have found the music so nice, he didn’t turn it off until the music was over. Don’t ask me what song it was. I wasn’t lucid.)

7:00 am I was woken up ONCE again, either by Gor or Daddy going into the toilet

7:15 am Dad went around asking everyone whether we had small tubes of toothpaste (I don’t understand why he couldn’t have asked last night when he was packing his luggage. After packing, he was actually playing computer games! He could’ve asked for the toothpaste then. Mum later told me that he had completely forgotten about packing it in.)

7:33 am Heard Dad’s bellowing voice again. This time, he wanted the taxi booking number.

(I remember giving it to him last year, he wrote it on a small piece of paper and then sticking it onto his notice board. Was wondering why he wasn’t out of the house yet. Since it was so bright, I thought it was 8 and wondered how Dad was able to catch his flight on time. I then looked at my alarm clock.)

7:40 am Dad was shouting from the door whether we’re going to use the car, and that he need not leave the spare key at home. Gor then replied (in a rather loud voice may I add) that the spare key should be left behind. To which, Dad then shouted a reply that he’s leaving the key on the shoe cabinet.

8:00 am Mummy woke me up this time, giving a slew of instructions.

8:30 am Sing called me on my mobile.

8:45 am Sing called me, but I don’t know whether I put the phone down or she did. This was

followed by Dad calling on the home phone asking for Mum.

8:50 am Mum passed me the spare car key, thinking that I should drive to school today since I had to rush home. I mumbled that the parking fees would be exorbident since I didn’t ask OSA for the parking coupon.

8:55 am Mum was about to leave the house. Yet another phone call.

I slept at 2 am this morning….and I am not a happy camper when it’s PEOPLE who wake me up due to their noise. *sigh* but all those “noise” pushed me to wake up at 9 something. I hate mornings. The only thing I like about it is when there’s a slight breeze (like this morning) and when Baileys snuggles up next to me. I’m gonna miss my pooh-pooh when I go to KL tomorrow. Damn…I have to wake up early tomorrow too. Damn.

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