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As some of you might know, I went to Kuala Lumpur for a short holiday over this long weekend. I must say that KL has changed a lot. It has cleaned up and there are a lot more tall buildings. It has now turned into Singapore with a Malaysian twist. My bro said that my description was weird although he understood what I meant. What I mean is that Singapore and KL share so many similarities except for some minute differences. The differences are: there are a lot of protons running around, the roads have a few more potholes, the traffic signs & lights look slightly different, people in KL seem to be unafraid of flouting traffic rules and the roads are a wee bit confusing (a one way road can suddenly lead to a two way street). Otherwise, there are the tall buildings, shopping centre after shopping centre, the brands of shops are almost the same, the types of food we eat are the same. we speak the same way (except for certain slangs)…so the conclusion is this: Singapore and Malaysia are in many ways culturally similar. Why the rivalry then? Well, there have been a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding on both sides. Furthermore, this is fuelled by the “arguments” our governments have done. I suppose there are certain prejudices against each other. In the words of one minister, we’re like siblings quabbling.

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