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*sigh* today is a weird “argh”-able day. I broke my nail. NOT like it chipped or what. The whole white part just broke. I was picking up a journal and then my nail just flew onto the floor. Now my index finger feels naked. And then I drank coffee at about 5…I should NEVER drink coffee again. I got my usual coffee syndrome…I felt light-headed and wanted to puke. To make things worse, my stomach tried to get rid of the coffee and I could feel the gastric juices churning. At first, I thought I was just hungry and needed to eat…hence the lightheadedness and stomach churning. When I rushed to get my dinner, I felt full while eating. Therefore, I concluded that it wasn’t that I was hungry..but something else. I couldn’t figure what it was until 9pm. THEN I realised that the coffee was the culprit. Remind me to NOT drink coffee again. I told my bro and he told me to drink half the can and throw the rest away the next time. -_- waste $.

Anyway, on to happier stuff! I got a thumb drive!! Woot!! Me have thumb drivey! Yay! Now I don’t need to constantly ask my bro for his thumb drive! Not only that, I went to Hello! Singtel and saw that there were some phones that are going for $0. =) Hee…I’m going to change my phone…they’re not fancy ones with camera or what. But I figure that these new phones have a higher value than my present one. I bet you at the Sony Ericsson S700i will devalue in a year’s time and with the newer phone, I can trade it in for a larger sum. In other words, I will be able to get the S700i for a much lower cost! Mmm….S700i…dream phone…..swing it baby!

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