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I’ve been thinking about how we normally wish for what we don’t have and how we like to compare ourselves to others…like the grass is always greener on the other side. Well, I’ve been thinking and I’m glad that my parents don’t wish that I was someone else. I’m also glad that my parents have decidedly let me choose my own career path, although I think my mum still wishes that I’m a doctor/lawyer/something that will earn lots of $ (ahahah…). Despite the disappointment that I got into Arts Fac 3 years ago, I think my parents have seen that I’m happier here than I would’ve been somewhere. Perhaps my lousy ‘A’ level results is a blessing in disguise. My parents let me have the freedom to choose what career I want, as long as my head isn’t stuck high in the clouds. High altitude = lack of oxygen = can’t think properly….hahaha. This is the silver lining that I see right now…when my life has a few little bumps…nothing comes easily does it? Who knows how long Mystique Gifts will last. Who knows whether the 3 of us will be partners or will it become a one-woman show and the rest being on a consignment basis? Who knows…God knows…and God doesn’t speak to me with a burning bush. Gosh…Moses got msgs rather easy I think.

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