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It’s 1 am in the morning and why am I writing this? Well, because I wanted to write something this morning but I didn’t get the chance to do so due to various reasons. My room now resembles a store room….minus the compartmentalisation. There are bags on my floor with stuff. My table has lots of boxes full of beads, sequins…jewellery making stuff. Not to mention, I still have yet to organise my notes…so they’re all over my desk as well. *sigh* Ok, my room resembling a diaster area is not my main point. What I felt like writing this morning was that I was thinking about the regrets in my life and I suddenly felt that I miss a lot of what I had in the past. I wished that I could change the way some things turned out…but I guess it’s because life’s not smooth sailing that causes me to be who I am.

Another thing. I overheard this group of students talking about a popular blog (xue something), which was featured in last week’s 8 Days magazine. This led me to wonder how many “strangers” are reading my blog. Not only that, it also affirms my earlier entry about blogs being carthartic and therefore an outlet to “complain”.

I find my personality analysis rather ironic. I’ve lost my touch when it comes to music. I can’t sing the way I used to. Sing has surpassed me. =P Ah well…there’s www.mystiquegifts.net to focus on. =) I’m now drawing (more like writing) some mugs too. I’m so multi-talented (MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH). My mum saw me writing on the mugs and she commented, “Wah, want to compete with Sing ah?” HEee…I’m doing both…making jewellery AND writing on mugs. I can just do this forever. HEck a degree!!!! yeah right.

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