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Today is sooo sucky….it’s my free day and to my happiness, the Course Based Module (CBM) that I was outbidded before was up for bids again! So I bidded 1701 pts and checked the bidding periodically. Then I went to eat lunch and watched the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” until 4. I thought that the bidding ends at 5 so I had time left…hence I went to mop the hse. When I logged back on to the bidding, I was horrified that I was outbidded!!!! I bloody wasted my 1701 pts!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Pissed off!!! I wasted points AND I didn’t get the bloody module. The stupid thing about this CBM is that it’s not offered every sem. Even if it were, I wouldn’t have enough pts left next sem to have another whopper bid of over 1000. *sigh* Now I know why people don’t do CBMs and opt to do more Independent Study Modules (ISM). *sigh* Talking about ISM, I still have yet to think of an ISM topic to write about. I know that I want to write something about androgyny in anime and relate it to Japanese society. However, I can’t think of something that is interesting and not cliche to write about. Any suggestions? *yawn* I’m experiencing a sugar low right now…I shouldn’t be consuming so much refined sugar…I really shouldn’t…*yawn*

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