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I’m annoyed…there are people who are sooooooo unreasonable. There’s this Sharon person who signed up for our porcelain class, paid the basic fee of $20 and then sent Sing an email asking that Sing replies by 6pm if not she would assume that the class is off and she wants a full refund. Her reason for wanting a reply by 6? She wouldn’t be at her office after that. Ok…..the thing is that Sing didn’t check her email until the night. Oh boogers. AND another thing, another student of ours didn’t turn up when he’s supposed to do so. Sing wasted $10 on cab fare and they’re now wasting time. If you say that you’re going to be some place at some time, you had better be there…unless you’re sick like me. Haha…even if that’s the case, you should have told one of us. Ian (the no-show guy) has my mobile phone number. Sharon has all our email addresses since she found our class ad on our website. Oh wait a min, I forgot…Sharon is the one of the few Singaporeans who doesn’t have access to a computer after office hours. But it doesn’t make sense…if she’s having a paying job, she’s willing to pay for a porcelain painting class (which is considered a hobby to most)…she doesn’t sound like the poor type. Ah well…that explains my left eye twitching yesterday.

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