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My mum treats Baileys like a rubbish bin. She gives him food when nobody wants to eat OR the food is about to go bad OR when there’s only a little bit of leftovers and it’s ridiculous to keep it. So there…and my darling pooch is a willing rubbish bin. He thinks my mum is soooo good to him whenever she walks into the kitchen. He’s been fooled…silly poochie.

My bro came home last night at 1 am…with blood shot eyes and a bad temper. My mum think he was half way to lalalalalala land when he came home.

My MSN messenger pic is of me and Sing. Gilson asked Sing who’s that person next to her in the pic. He hoped that it wasn’t me. 1. I’m flattered that he thought that I am not bad looking. 2. His reaction reminded me that he’s prejudiced against me. His basis of prejudice? This blog. He thinks that I complain on every entry. *Sigh* we can’t please everyone. Besides, this blog wasn’t written to please the reader. I’m not a novelist or an entertainer.

There’s a very interesting article in the newspaper today about the slangs teens use nowadays. I sincerely hope that a lot of Singaporean teens know how to differentiate between standard english and slangs.

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