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I’m tired…it’s past midnight and I’m usually still chirpy at this hour. Now, I feel as wilted as the rose that Najib gave us girls on Monday. Today was a dry sales day. Barely sold $24 worth of products. Rental was too damn high…at least we made it back with a miserly profit. Today was a rather interesting day actually. This morning, I went for this workshop with a few students from Keio University. They are such nice people…they even bought Japanese biscuits for us. Most of them are either my age or younger. After listening to the level of Japanese being spoken by my fellow Japanese Studies majors…I think I REALLY need to start improving my Japanese to the advanced level. Now…the problem is where to find a cheap and good language school?????

I drove to school on Monday and today…and I have come to the conclusion that parking in Arts is WAY cheaper than in science. I didn’t have to pay parking fees when I parked in arts whereas I needed to pay $5 for parking at sci. There’s a parking discrimination in NUS…HAHAHAH. I must say that my parking still sucks but at least I’m getting better at it…thanks to a few more practices. I do need to park more often..and I HATE it when people tell me that they’ll park for me. I need to practice and it’s irritating cos it seems as if those people are saying that they’re better drivers/parkers than me.

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