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Today has been a ‘me-time’ kind of day. I wanted to see the doc before going for lessons today and when I went behind, the clinic was having their lunch break. Damn. When I walked back, I saw this cat sharpening its claws on the tyre of this motorcycle that was parked near the stairs. Poor tyre. By the time I walked to the front of my plc, I realised that I didn’t have time and so I took a cab to school. I’ve been taking cabs too many times this past few weeks. Sometimes it’s because I wake up late but most of the time it’s either I don’t feel like going to school or I’m preoccupied with the comp.

Anyway, after lesson today, I went to Orchard Road with the intention of getting my eyebrows shaped. To my horrification, EVERY shop that offers eyebrow shaping were busy! So I gave my eyebrows a break and decided to shop! I was walking into every single MNG (mango) store and eyed the lovely leather bags. Sheesh…I love bags too much.

When I walked past those side stores later in the afternoon, I was given a massage by this girl who said that the massage was given with no obligation. Of course that line was crap. She was insistent that I buy a massage voucher there and then (after the massage…duh). I had to repeat the line, “I’ll think about it.” a gazillion times. She finally let me go…with the knowledge that I was never going back (cue evil laugh). Wellll…that massage was a highlight…where was she a few days ago when my shoulders REALLY hurt? Anyway…I went on a mini spending spree. Bought a couple of new bras (yippeee) for only $27.80 and I’ve got to make sure Baileys don’t ever go near them. He likes my underwear too much…hmm….some sick infinity to MY underwear in particular? Perhaps he wants to be near me when I’m not around? o_0 Yuck…weird thought.

Then I remembered that I do have another reason for being in Orchard. I needed crimps for my jewellery…so I went to Beads Etc. and purchased $7.30 worth of crimps. Couldn’t find the right gauge of wire though. Hmm…that’s not exactly right. I did find it…but it’s more than $10 and I’m not sure it’s worth it.

Then, I walked into Gramaphone and eyed the two last pieces of “The Best of Do As Infinity”. $22.95 was the price tag. Sounds like a hefty price at first but it’s Japanese AND there’s a bonus DVD. I first pulled myself away and walked to the second-hand section. Not finding any steals, I went back to the Do As Infinity disc and psyched myself into buying it. Hahaha….and I’m listening to it now. So in total, I spent like over $50 in a day and I withdrew another $20 just to have some cash in my wallet. *sigh* Am I on the way to being a shopaholic??? I’ve been rather good already. I tried on a few pairs of jeans (that were 50% off if I may add) but I didn’t buy any of those. =P

Oh…mum had food poisoning today. She puked dinner out and when we were at the clinics, she finally felt better. Thank goodness she managed to puke everything out. If you have food poisoning, eat ginger or drink ginger water. With mum sick, our plans for making pineapple tarts tonight was thrown out. Anyway, my mum’s feeling fine now. =)

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