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Today, we held a porcelain painting class with 10 children….aged 3-10. Yes…aged 3-10. The two 3 year-old girls were soooo adorable. Hee… STOP! Before you think I wanna to have children. FORGET IT! I wanna wait a few more years…I like to play with children for a short period of time…but I don’t have the patience for having children of my own. I even push Baileys down when I’m not in the mood to humour him. Ah well…but today went on better than expected. For more details about today’s lesson, I’m sure Sing would have written something about it. Check out her blog at for more details.

Ok, I’ve been sleeping on my new pull out mattress for a few days now. My main complaint? The bloody mattress is too short for me. I know that I’m not tall…but the stupid mattress is shorter than a single. -_- Yes…it’s shorter than a single mattress. My toes stick out whenever I sleep…not fun.

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