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I realised that I haven’t written in my blog for quite some time. Ah well…the bothersome task of writing essays….blogged me…wahaha..ok…not funny. Anyway, I just realised that I am writing 3 papers that are ALL related to gender. What is it about gender that seems to perk my interest? Maybe it’s because I’m female and I’m a feminist. There. I admit it. I’m a feminist. Before you start thinking about bra burnings and male bashing, lemme clarify my definition of a feminist. Anybody who demands and expects equal rights, equal opportunities, equal treatment between both sexes are feminists! I can’t stand those women who deny being a feminist but yet go about calling others sexist when there is preferential treatment towards men. These women are bullshit and don’t know crap between feminism and being feministic (ie. sexist…biased towards females)…I wonder whether I can term it as matriarchal?? Another revelation that I had is that the feminist movement came about because women were treated unfairly, as compared to men. However, I wonder whether the world is starting to turn the other way around. Now, it seems that there is too much talk about feminism and there is a backlash against it. Women want biased behaviour TOWARDS them. Of course patriarchy is up, about and damn healthy. But I believe that feminists sometimes give feminism a bad name. As I’ve said earlier, it’s important to strive to be as equal as possible where biological sex should not matter.

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