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My grandma finally said this morning that she should have listened to my mum and I about the bed. She complained that her back hurts like hell and that she had to get up several times during the night to go to the toilet. Tonight she’s going to take the bed…hahaha…stubborn lah! Anyway, a more disturbing thing was that she couldn’t eat lunch. She took a bite of my linguine cabonara and promptly felt like vomitting. She went to sleep and 2 hours later, she woke up and decided that bread was the only thing her stomach could handle.

As much as I hate to sound pessimistic, I have this gut feeling that my grandma’s end is coming soon. She’s just waiting out. It’s going to be so weird for me when that time happens. Head says: it’s time, it’s a stage that everyone has to go through. Heart: But I don’t want her to go…she’s been around for so long (almost 85)! Right now, at least she’s not worrying over senseless stuff, she’s mobile, she’s not senile and she has the ability to enjoy whatever time left.

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