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Mama went without a single painkiller today and she was perfectly fine. Her only complaint was about the pain whenever she massages her ear accupuncture points. I lightly touched them and she said that I was applying a lot of pressure on her ears. Now I know how my mum and the physician feel. Anyway, it is better for her not to be over reliant on painkillers. If she can go without the painkillers the whole day today, I’m sure she can be weaned off the painkillers soon. She keeps thinking that the painkillers are medicine to cure her ‘illness’ although we constantly tell her that it’s just painkillers.

The one HUGE problem with my grandma is that she is more concerned about other people other than herself. She wants us to remove the stool in our shower (it’s for her) because she thinks that it’s making things difficult for us (namely my bro, my dad and myself) when we shower. Bull. Did any of us complain about the stool? And when we tried to reason with her, she closed her eyes while ranting and refused to hear anything else. That’s my stubborn granny for u.

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