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I would firstly like to thank all my faithful readers…because I know that you guys are the ones who are truly interested in my well being. Anyway, I got to sleep on my bed last night and I realised that it no longer felt the same way as it did before. Today will be the day that the pull-out bed comes…so I won’t get to sleep on my mattress again…it’s no longer mine. And I’ve got a huge headache and regret. I had a paper due on Wednesday and I haven’t completed it nor have I handed it in. I just hope that my prof keeps forgetting, doesn’t check my ISM proposal and still thinks that it’s due next week. Suji editted my essay yesterday (many thanks) and brought up a lot of points that I’ve got to incorporate into my essay. I know that I can’t finish it by tonight. I’ve got lessons from 1-4…by the time I get home, it’ll be about 5…get my mattress off….etc…then it’s dinner and going to the airport to pick dad up. There goes any chance of starting my essay until 9? *sigh* I should have started writing the essay earlier…*Sigh*

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