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I had a stereo effect going on last night. It’s the case of SNORING. My grandma and my dog started snoring and trying to outdo each other last night. At my expense. Thank goodness dad’s door was closed. IF not, I would have a 2.1 system. Dad being the subwoofer.

Anyway, I forgot to charge my phone for 3 days and it went flat this afternoon when I was in school. NO polyphonic effect for a few hours. Just when you would think that I’ll be lamenting about how I couldn’t sms or call people…you’re absolutely WRONG! My battery going flat turned out to be a blessing in digsuise. Absolutely peace for 4 hours! I didn’t read the sms from my friend asking me to print notes out for her…that meant that I didn’t need to trouble myself by going to the comp and printing it out and that I could concentrate on researching for my troublesome ISM.

God is good….God is great…everything happens for a reason! Now that dad is in shanghai, I get to sleep on a nice spring mattress again! Banzai! My achy back says many thanks. My nose thanks the great one above too. I realise that my sinuses can’t tolerate medicated oil in air-con room. They react in dual system…..BOTH nostrils get clogged up. No more of that tonight and tomorrow night!!!! Banzai!

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