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1. I’ve applied for the Kyushu University Summer Programme. It’s a 6-week programme in Kyushu (duh) from the 27 June to the 5 August. I think I stand a good chance of being selected. Let’s keep my fingers crossed!

2. Went to see a Chinese physician with my granny and mum. Granny kept complaining about the pain when he touched her accupuncture points on her ears and calf. The physician said that she has very cramped muscles on her right side and there’s an injured nerve, which is sending pain signals all the way to her head. That is the reason why she’s having headaches and pain on one side. He mentioned that there were some blood clots on her lower back as well.

3. The Chinese physician ‘loosened’ up my muscles. Slept on the mattress on the floor…was in semi pain. I need a proper mattress…that’s why mum bought my mattress for me. It’s barely a year old. I don’t care…I’m taking over Gor’s bed tonight. I need a good night’s sleep.

4. Sing called me at about 8 this morning. Let me just say this to everyone: I’m NEVER (I only wake up early if I need to do so) awake before 10. Call me only at 11 if you want a lucid conversational partner.

5. Baileys enjoys sleeping on the mattress with me. He’s officially my feet warmer. Not to mention he enjoys sniffing my hair and licking my face in the mornings.

6. There’s an anime fest at the Asian Civilisations Museum and I realised that 2 of my profs are guest speakers for this event.

7. Ok…this entry isn’t going to be about MY life…but related in some ways. Kewei’s mum has been hospitalised. Hope she gets well soon. Same goes for my grandmother. Kewei: don’t get stressed or worried.

8. I feel like a walking blur block today. I have no organisational ability when it comes to knowing what projects I have and when the deadlines are. What’s wrong with me???!!!!!

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