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Went to watch “Howl’s Moving Castle” yesterday with my neighbour Kaiwei. It’s a nice anime movie to watch! It’s the best that Hayao Miyazaki has ever come up with and I must say that this is so much better than the others. However, I wonder why do all the old women that Miyazaki draw look similar? Ah well…anyway, Howl is SOOOOO cute…sooooo handsome…and he is voiced by Takuya Kimura!!!!! *blush* I think Howl’s better looking that Taku though…wahahahahhaa. Anyway, we went to the Asian Civilisations Museum after lunch because they are having an anime festival there. How Disappointed we were. There was only a small section that could be called the ‘exhibit’. There wasn’t any screenings and the lecture by my prof was over too. -_- Damn. Anyway, we went over to the former Daimaru (Meidiya) and they were selling Japanese confectionary due to the Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Festival) Fair. The Japanese store vendor was rather cute and spoke quite good English. Too bad I’m not interested in guys who pluck their eyebrows as finely as mine AND my Japanese sucks. Haha…

Anyway, my grandma finally reveals the REAL reason why she doesn’t like to wear her new hearing aid. She claims that the buttons are so small that she can’t see where to switch it on. There are 2 blue lines (which she can see) there that determine the volume and whether it’s switched on or not. She just stubborn enough to think that if she can’t determine the level, it’s difficult to wear and therefore troublesome. And here comes another problem. She has to drip a special eyedrop into her eyes everynight before she sleeps. She told me this morning that there must be darkness after dripping and that’s why she left my room cos my lights were still on. Sheesh…this is a lifestyle clash. I never sleep before 12 and she does. I never wake up before 9 and she does. My grandma should sleep in my bro’s room lah.

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