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Today is my mum’s birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!! Anyway, my bro and I went to watch the Singapore Rugby Sevens today and we had coporate tickets (thanks to my bro’s boss). It was fantastic! We had shelter, free flow of drinks and beer AND there was FOOD! We also had a goody bag that contained a polo tee, a fan, mini rugby ball, temporary tattoos, whistle, party popper and 2 clappers. I’ll never want to watch the Sevens with the ‘normal’ folks again. I’m spoilt. Hahaa…it was a nice day followed by a VERY VERY VERY expensive dinner at Morton’s. I don’t think we’ll ever step foot in there again unless one of us struck the lottery. However, dinner was very satistfying (if you close both eyes and ignore the bill). After dinner, we walked over to the Esplanade and to our delight, there was a live performance at the open stage. The band was ‘Flamenco Fusion’ and they were playing a series of well…flamenco fusion songs. Haha…well, there was a salsa piece and mum was talking about dancing her salsa to that. No…I don’t wanna watch that. As the band took a break from their second set, we went to Harry’s to listen to more live music. I ordered a moontini…it was bombay sapphire with blue-something. I don’t think it should be called moontini…it should be renamed: Liver-killer. It smelt and tasted like something the nurse puts on your arm before an injection. And I was drinking THAT. Imagine. My liver’s crying. My eyes are currently bloodshot…from wearing contacts the whole day and drinking the moontini..and I helped my mum finish her glass of white wine. My mum’s an alcholic wimp. Haha. Ah well….today sure flew by but it has been an eventful day… =) sleep….

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