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I was looking through my friendster page and I realised that my cousin broke up with her boyfriend. To Qing, (I doubt she reads my blog but I’ll still say this) I really hope that you’ll get over him and enjoy your single life! =) You’re surrounded by lots of great friends and parents who love ya!

Anyway, it’s also a new chapter of my life. I have just started a job as a retail executive. That’s a loaded term to mean salesgirl. What do I sell? I sell toiletry bags and cosmetic accessories. It’s horribly tiring on my feet and I work for 8 hours + 1 hour lunch. Ah well…at least it’s $. Pretty soon, I’ll be flying off to Japan for a summer programme and I’ve collected my airtickets. So..that’s another chapter. Going to Japan would be exciting but scary at the same time. My Japanese suck. Hopefully I will improve when I’m there. My goal is to reach JLPT2. Let’s see!

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