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I’m now a ball of emotions. I’ll be flying off to Japan on wed…that’s only a couple of days away. I feel a little unprepared. I’ll be entering a land where I have a language barrier. Worst of all, I think I’ll screw up on my stock phrases. I can say them but I won’t understand what the natives are saying. Everything is so expensive there. Money issues. Host family…how to behave? I just got off msn with my peer tutor…she seems like a funky gal. Nervous. I’m a little scared. I’m going to miss a lot of people…I’m going to miss Baileys…I won’t be feeling this warm lump on my mattress, weighing down my blanket. I won’t have this animal following me around the house, greeting me when I return home. My baby!!! =( I’ll miss being able to bitch to sing and moon at the whim of a phone call. Imagine bitching via msn/email…my fingers will break. Imagine not having english???!!!! I can live in China cause my Mandarin is all right…but Japanese!!??? My Japanese level is BASIC!!! Ok…I have NOT reached panic level. I’m just voicing my fears. What happens if I make boo boos and nobody tells me??? *sigh* What happens if I’m rude without knowing???

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