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I found out that the Havaiinas (I know it’s the wrong spelling but I can’t remember how to spell it) slippers are cheaper here in Fukuoka. So, I’m taking orders…will sell them for SGD 18 (think of me lugging them home). The only ones who gets discounts are my family members (Gor, Sing, Moon and Kewei). There is this Japanese vitamin called ‘Chocola BB’ that is much cheaper here too. SGD 50 for 250 pills…compare that to SGD 33 for 60 pills in Singapore. So…any Japanese residing in Singapore wants me to get that for them?? I’m taking orders. Feel free to email me at to let me know what you want. I’m also taking manga/anime orders…but you need to be specific as to what the title and publisher names are. Ok….owari da.

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