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Yes guys, I will be heading for Japan tomorrow morning and won’t be back in Singapore till August. I will NOT have internet access from tomorrow till monday (sucks man) and then my apartment in Fukuoka doesn’t have internet access either. Damn. However, the uni does and, me being the internet junkie that I am, will hog an internet comp for hours to read my emails and to update my blog. Yes, I haven’t been very faithful to this blog…*sheepish grin*

Anyway, I was reading this ‘famous’ blogger’s entries just now and it’s damn funny! She reminds me of myself 10 years back when I could and would bitch about lots of things. However, now that I’m 10 years older, I find it tiring to be opinionated and bitch about it for such length. I will bitch with friends, but it’s at the moment and I seriously can’t be bothered to type it out on my blog. Must be something about writing 10 page essays and makes me shudder at the thought of a super long blog entry. Besides, I know most people do not have that kind of patience to read through my entries. =P I’m curious to know who else, other than my friends, reads my blog. If you don’t know me personally, do drop me a comment or an e-mail (smartaleck@rocketmail.com). I’m really curious.

Oh, now that my luggage is open (and I’m still in the midst of packing), the passageway to my comp is blocked. Hence, Baileys has developed a method of crawling under my bed to reach me…sooo cute. Speaking of Baileys, I’m sooo going to miss him when I’m in Japan. No doggie at my feet when I sleep, no doggie who paws me in order to get my attention, no doggie to greet me when I reach home. Hmmm…maybe I’ll get the last part because my Japanese host family has a dog too! Yay! I’ll miss Sing and Moon….ok..not time to get weepy. I told you that I’m a bunch of emotions right now. I wonder whether I pissed my peer tutor off cos I jokingly called her a pig (she’s born in the year of the pig and she woke up at 11 am yesterday). Ok..I’ve got a lot of unfounded fears. Do I sound as if I pressed a personal panic button? I’m still a little wary about the idea of my host family washing my underwear for me…. *”* Now, I’m bringing all my good underwear. I hate the electronic dictionary that I borrowed from Boon Leong (sorry BL, no offence to you…I really appreciate you lending it to me).

The dawn is breaking,
It’s early morn.
My taxi’s waiting,
He’s blowing his horn
I won’t be waking you up to say goodbye
But I’m leaving,
On a jet plane.
I know when I’ll be back again.
Oh babes, I hate to go. (well…not really but then it has to fit the song)

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