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Today has been horribly sucky. Firstly, I woke up with a very stiff right shoulder. It even cramped up. Then, I received a call from my boss (Thomas) that my colleague (Kin) has called in sick and I have to take over her shift. Because I had to go for a briefing at 2, I had no choice but to meet Kin at 1 to get the store keys from her. From the way things were going, I ended up being 10 min late meeting Kin. Then I had to go to school for a briefing that can only be concluded as stupid, useless and unnecessary. After which, I had to rush down to Citylink Mall in a cab…it cost me $10.20. Thank goodness Thomas allowed me to claim for the cab fare.

Now on to the real horror story. The damn bloody front door of the shop is damn difficult to close!! Firstly, anyone who has been to my shop (Tea…pronounced as ti-ah) will see the foldable front doors. The problem with such doors is that everything has to be perfectly aligned before it’ll move or shut. I spent half an hour trying to move the bloody door on the left but it refused to budge. I even went so far as to ask a worker from Delifrance to help me push it. It finally budged…weirdly enough. But one of the top roller for one of the panels became disconnected from the door. Heck it. Next….I couldn’t lock the bloody thing. I was soooo frustrated, I kept calling Jasmine (another colleague) on how to solve this situation. She couldn’t offer any other solutions to what I’ve already done. I had no choice but to call the management. The management sent their locksmith down and the diagnosis? Firstly, 3 ball bearings had dropped out, causing the doors to slant away from their original positions. Secondly, the metal ledge at where the lock was supposed to lock into is slightly raised from before..hence the inability to lock properly and remove the key. I have NO idea what he did but he managed to lock the door for me. I called Thomas immediately to tell him to get a carpenter down to fix the bloody thing once and for all.

I called Gor to ask him to ask dad to pick me up (it was 11 pm by now). Dad’s reply: “No. I’ve got to work.” KNS!!!! And Gor doesn’t want to either cos he wants to watch the premiere episode of ‘Lost’. Damn them. So I ended up taking a cab…and I didn’t have enough cash so I had to call Gor to come down with some.

I checked my mail and I realised that I will be sharing an apartment with another student (who I have no idea whom)in Kyushu. The apartment is so bloody small! 1 of us has to sleep on the floor!!! What’s their problem?? And it was my last choice ok! So unfair!!!!

So…my conclusion….today totally SUCKS!!!!! And don’t gimme that cliche line about tomorrow being a better day. My feet hurt. I don’t want to listen to more crap. My company isn’t paying me enough moolah.

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