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Yesterday, a whole bunch of us went for a Nomikai…translates into well..a drinking session? Haha…anyway, Ng Wei got so drunk that he started puking at the table. 2 beer mugs full and some more. His nickname now is the Merlion. Taka-san was another dead drunk. His face turned as red as his T-shirt and he was half unconscious. He looked as if he was in perpetual meditation. If he propped his arm onto his head, he would have looked like the famous “Thinker” statue. Stefan was another one…drank so much so fast…he couldn’t remember a thing about yesterday.

The most hilarious one has to be Yuki-san. She was so drunk she started talking nonsense and because we had never met until yesterday, we did the usual “Hajimemashite…(name)desu” and cos of her drunkard state, her speech was slurred and then she bowed and bowed while introducing herself. Another hilarious one is Eddie. We took the train from the same station so we walked together. He couldn’t walk straight and he kept banging into me. When I held him arm to steady him, he even pushed my hand away! He tried to walk on a straight line and after zigzagging, he claimed that he could still walk straight. Later, he announced: I need to pee pee. All of us made him call his host family and when he took out his mobile, he couldn’t unlock the keypad. When I took the phone from him and managed to unlock it, he asked: Eh? How come you can unlock it ah? When we were walking next to the train station, there was an announcement. Eddie then shouted: Matteyo!!! (Wait!) When we were at the train station, he walked into me and so I raised my hand to prevent him from banging me. He pushed my hand away again. Eddie puked after he alighted the train. *sigh* the ‘hero’ tried to cycle back to his host family’s place despite our repeated warnings NOT to do so.

It was such a funny night. The Japanese have wonderful “chants” to say when goading people into finishing their drinks at one shot. I tried a shot of their hot sake too and my was the warm feeling at the throat rather weird. The warm sensation is a combination of both the sake’s heat as well as from the alcohol. I think my throat went dry this morning due to it. Powerful. In all, I had like 7 standard drinks (I think). It was a fun evening and I did take a few pictures which I will upload once I am done with the stupid homework. This brings me to another subject…and I think I shall leave this to tomorrow’s entry because this entry is long enough. Haha…oyasumi!

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