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I am so tired…I went for 2 “parties” yesterday. The afternoon one was a BBQ with Jonny’s host family at this small off-shore island. The island was rather beautiful and it was so hot yesterday (a high of 35degrees) that I got a little more tanned and felt soooo lethargic. It didn’t help that I had slept at 1 the night before because I was rushing through my reports. I STILL do not have time to study my Japanese language…which is not a good thing. I am supposed to be improving my Japanese…not just to refresh my memory of what I learnt 2 years ago. Ok…ok…my grammar still sucks and it is important for me to improve on that…but you get the idea. I am not spending enough time and effort on the subject that is important to me…instead I have to waste time and energy on an irritating subject that i HAVE to finish. Sucks. Anyway, back to the main story. I went to Kelvin’s host family’s place for dinner. Kelvin really stays in an ulu area…his host family are farmers. The host dad was so proud about being a farmer that he wanted to take us on a tour of his farm immediately after we had arrived. Thank goodness Kelvin had the sense to tell him that we should put our things down first. The dinner was good but I felt really left out because my Japanese isn’t as good as the rest and Ng Wei (basic Japanese lang guy) was on another table. But I guess I wasn’t really sociable yesterday either because I was soooo tired. To make things worse, my host parents just HAD to chat with me after I took my shower. So…eyes red…I went to sleep at 1 again. Today, I dressed my usual style but with make up and everybody kept thinking that I was going somewhere tonight. No…it is just my usual style…just that when I go travelling or overseas, I don’t bring my usual amount of clothes. So…to make things simple I bring T-shirts and jeans. Right? Most people do the same…right? Ah well…I needed to wear make up today to make myself look awake. I think it is a good look…I wonder whether my mum will freak out if she realises that I am considering wearing make up to school everyday. Hahaha…yeah yeah…very vain. But it is fun…I like the colours of the eye shadows. I must control myself….NO more makeup shopping…bags too….clothes too… =P Anyway, I am very bad. Not talking a lot about my experience here in Japan. To get a fuller picture of what we (or I) have been doing here in Fukuoka, I suggest reading Eddie or Jesse’s blogs. Oh…did I mentioned that I went to Mt. Aso again? Well, I did…clear skies and all. The stupid thing was that there was too much volcanic activity plus the fact that the wind direction was blowing the wrong way. Hence, we couldn’t drive up to the crater and see the lava. Damn. Ah well…damn. I just realised that I did write about Mt. Aso in the last entry. Now you get the idea of how tired I am. I need sleep.

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