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This afternoon, my family and I went to the “Journey of Faith” exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM). It’s a showcase of artefacts, relics and artwork from the Vatican. I must say that this exhibition has taught me new stuff…like why the keys symbolise St. Peter and why the sword symbolises St. Paul. Another thought that ran through my mind is that the Vatican is really full of cash. It could do without some and give it away to charitable organisations. Ok…I’m beginning to sound like one of the Catholic tennis (?) players who slammed the Vatican because of this. Some of the chalices were just too ornate. Nonetheless, the exhibition was great and the ACM isn’t too bad either. I would recommend it to tourists who are coming to Singapore.

On a spiritual note, I think that a journey of faith is not a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Rather, the journey of faith that all of us have to go through is life…how we find God in our lives. In today’s homily, the priest said that life always has sufferings and turmoils. Once we accept this fact, half the battle is won. We have to learn to accept our “crosses” and bear through it…it may seem murky waters to wade through. However, we can use this opportunity to find a higher meaning in life. We can also find out what we truly want out of life. Life is a personal journey at times…people mean well when they try to plan it for us but we must be the ones who take the steps.

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