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It has been confirmed…I will be going to Japan again in November! Woot! Yes, it seems as if it’s so soon and some of you guys would think that I’m nuts since my exams are in late November. However, I don’t quite give a damn AND I want to go back there! Onsen here I come! Wahahaha…

Anyway, my brother was raving about how he likes Kenneth’s blog and that Kenneth’s blog is a reflection of how arty Kenneth is. Well, glad to know that my brother likes that type of writing but (no offence to Kenneth) it’s not my cup of tea. Nontheless, I’m impressed at how Kenneth can be bothered to read so many other blogs. I like to read friends’ blogs because it helps me get updated with that person’s life even if we’re not physically close.

At this time, I would like to say to Suji: congrats! And thanks for taking the time to tell me about your uni entrance too. It really means something to me that you bothered to take the time to tell me via msn…out of the blue…hahaha…but ya, you’re a friend and I’m happy for you. All the best for your future years in SMU and may you graduate with honours! Ganbatte kudasai!

The title of this entry is “confirmation” because this short period of time has also been a period of friendship confirmation. Weird statement? Well…yup, in short, it’s about how some people have established their relationship to me and my best friends. I’m sure you’ve heard of backstabbers, betrayers…at least you know that they’re totally against you. One of the worst kind of “friends” you can ever make are those who skirt the line of good pals and backstabbers. These are the kinds who go behind your back and do a lousy job of covering up…worse…don’t even try to cover up. And after the incident has been found out, no apologies but rather trying to salvage the situation with horrible placation. No, I haven’t been betrayed. Neither am I a neutral observer…although I am an observer of sorts. This incident has made me question the type of relationships that I have with others.

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