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Bloody USP has screwed up my semester. I was waiting for the result of one of my Course-Based Module (CBM) and the results came out today. And I didn’t get it. And the deadline to register for the Independent Study Module (ISM) was due on Monday. Perfect. This means that I will be doing 4 modules this semester and then I’ll be killing myself tomorrow by doing 6 modules next semester!!! DAMN USP!!! Don’t they think that people are waiting for this bloody CBM? Why couldn’t they release the results earlier if they could do the same for other CBMs? What’s their bloody problem? They expect everyone to choose 6 modules so that if suay suay we don’t get the CBM we’ll still be able to take 5 modules in 1 sem? ARGH. Now I’ve got to take 6 modules next semester. Crazy. I’ll be doing 2 ISMs next sem….crazier. Bloody hell. I should’ve just applied for an ISM instead of waiting for the CBM. Worst thing is that as a year 4, I should be given priority over year 3s. But NOOOOOOO…..anyone has lighter fluid? USP can be really F***ED UP!

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