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Yes, I’ve finally changed my blogskin. Yes, it’s a combination of my favourite themes. Firstly, the ‘angel’ is drawn anime-style. Secondly, the title “Broken Wings” happen to be the title of a song that I like. Thirdly, it’s rather gothic…don’t you think? much as I like this blog skin…I can’t stand the font colours. I think they suck. However, I’m still thinking of what other colour to change to. And after that, I’ve got to go and find the colour code…which I’m lazy (as well as busy) to go and search for. =P So, well…we’ve got to stick to these mud coloured words and the horrendous box thingy which frames my dates. Eeks…but then I can’t design with html code…so I shouldn’t complain so much. All I have to do now is figure a way to remove the box thingy w/o destroying the whole design. If you’re a html expert, do shed some light. And…I must stress on the word EXPERT! If you’re some tom, dick or harry who THINKS he/she is an expert…you need not apply. Thank you. No…I’m not in a bitchy mood. Just stating some limits before I get a torrent of useless and frustrating emails.

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