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Ok…some of you guys may think that this is too early….however, I have to think of those overseas who said that they’ll send me something! So…tada! My helpful (I don’t really think so) wishlist is out! Check regularly for any updates!

1. Digital camera (preferably one with a large LCD screen and sound capability)
2. MP3 player (i like creative…support Singaporean brands!)
3. The latest DKNY fragrance…the one where the bottle resembles an apple. The larger bottle is more value-for-money. Seriously.
4. Clinique Simply
5. Death Note 9. The mandarin version please.
6. 1 year’s supply of 8-days magazine (?)
7. Cash is always appreciated…hahaha
8. Latest M-Flo album (if you don’t know who M-Flo is….nevermind…)
9. CK’s Eternity Summer (I prefer the DKNY or Clinique fragrances though)
10. Gift certificate for Topshop/Mango/Zara/Espirit (I need a new pair of jeans) or Borders/Kinokuniya/Times/MPH…I like books too
11. Subsidy of my airfare to Japan…any amount above $5 per person is appreciated!
12. 100 writable CDs. I’m not asking for rewritable…writable’s good enough!
13. Hyde’s solo album…anyone of them will do. Dunno who Hyde is? Look under the J-pop/J-rock section

Well…this is my list so far…I really don’t care if you guys don’t get any of the above for me…just as long as you guys don’t buy soft toys or jewellery for me. Worst case scenario? Earrings. I seldom wear bracelets and it takes me a long time to change my necklace….and it always seems to me that my simple cross looks best with any outfit. I’m the kind of person who likes gifts that show the givers’ sincerity.

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