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With the recent Indian International school being set up at Mei Chin Road, there have been many Indian nationals moving into my condo. As such, my mum was saying that property prices here would probably drop due to the influx of them. One of my mum’s aquaintence is even thinking of moving out due to having so many Indians in our estate. Welcome to the unspoken discrimination here in Singapore. These Indians aren’t your labourers who stare lustily at women walking past them…neither are these the Indians who hang out in large throngs in Little India over the weekends. These are well to do, middle-class Indians. But the discrimination is still there. I like my Indian neighbour a lot…and I think that a lot of people are not willing to accept those who are dark-skinned (in large numbers). So ironic. They can accept Caucasians, Japanese, Koreans, Indonesians but there’s a discrimination against the Indians. *sigh* I have nothing against the sudden increase of Indians in my condo…I just can’t stand most of their children who are so afraid of Baileys. Please….Baileys is like the friendliest dog on earth and Baileys loves kids. They see the dog from far and hide behind their mother’s saris (ok…they’re not from South India…so what are those called?). So annoying. Get over it! It’s just a dog! All parents should make their children interact with animals as often as possible. To have such a fear of dogs when the owner is around is ridiculous.

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