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Yesterday, I met Sing for lunch and a movie. We watched a local film entitled “Perth”. I must say that it’s a very dark film and the best local film and I’ve seen so far. Kudos to Djinn for such a wonderful script and art direction.

I love the fact that all the characters were flawed and well fleshed out. The lead character, Harry Lee (hmm…I wonder whether this was named after a certain MM?), was particularly complex despite the character’s insistence throughout the film about him being a “simple man”. Perth, represents the ideals and dreams of Harry..where all this problems in Singapore would disappear. Ironically, it is also because of Perth that Harry starts his downward spiral.

Another noteworthy thing about Perth is the constant imagery and symbolisms. There was a scene where a dead luohan was starting to be eaten up by the smaller fish in the tank. My interpretation is that the big fish in the movie (the big boss) was going to die or was dead and was going to be consumed by seemingly “lousier” but smaller fish in the same realm.

There’s another scene where Harry was seen grabbing a white cloth with his bloodstained hands. The red staining of blood against the white cloth is so stark and provides us audience with the sense that it’s a stain that can never be washed away.

Although Harry once said that he, and friend Selva, belongs to the generation that built their lives with their hands…we see this being shown repeatedly throughout the whole film through people punching others and reference to “taking care of things”.

Am I revealing too much to those who haven’t watched it? Oops….but yeah…it’s a good film and it shows another side of Singapore…those that tend to be hidden in dark alleys. However, there are some stereotypes in there…probably also a stereotype that the older generation have, about Singapore’s youth. But you guys have to watch it!!!

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