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Time really flies..and just like any other day, my birthday has come and gone. I would like to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday especially to those who stayed up on purpose to message me at midnight! Another bunch of people that I feel like squishing and hugging are those who attended my dinner gathering…thanks for the memories and laughter! Love you guys! Haha…side note…when my family and I celebrated on Wednesday, my grandma (being as blur as she is) didn’t know that it was my birthday. Ah well…haha. Now, for personal shoutouts:
Qiuyue – Take care of yourself and your bronchitis
Sing – Um…check for *ahem* certain things and always arm your bag with a tube of concealer 😉
Kewei – Thanks for the bouquet! It has been a year since my last bouquet! *hugs*
Jib – Don’t be stressed over being jobless for the moment. Being stressed won’t help you get a job any faster! Keep smiling
Junjie – Wow…Mr. Artist-lookey likey. Um…can I recommend a hairstylist to you? PLEASE??
Ming – Sorry for forgetting about the DVDs…I have a feeling I’ll forget about them again. Ok..I’ll let you punish me this time…sorry dahling.
Wei – I’m sure there are better choices out there besides Ming…don’t go into the dark side…ahaha (evil laugh)
Chow – Thanks for doing the shopping!
Joel & Kaiwei – You toots! Didn’t read your email properly I’m sure! =P

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