Depression – The Ones Who Hurt

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The pressure, the sadness
Anxiety over dark thoughts
Silver lining of every cloud?
Now, that sounds like a farce.

Pray hard my dear friend
Hold on till the end
We see you break, crumble and fall
Unable to fix, mend or heal you
We can only stretch a helping hand

Answers are not what you seek
Solutions are never easy to reach
If you carry on this path,
Prognosis is bleak

Comparing yourself to others
Will only deepen the wound
You compare because
You have put on blinkers
To what you are good

Time and time again
I have told you that you have nothing to prove
To yourself or to anyone
It’s a useless pursuit

Yet as many times said
You reply the same
“It’s not proving to others or myself,
It’s because I know that I can do”

The universe is teaching you a lesson
It’s telling you to seek another road
Be true to yourself
Be true to your heart

The soft tappings will soon stop
And reality will hit you like a wall
It may be to late then
It’s never too late now

If you’re never happy with yourself
You’ll never be happy with life itself.

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