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I’m starting to have a different kind of panic now…panic to finish my book review! Anyway, I was talking to Allison via msn yesterday and she’s in the midst of some lousy emotional shit as well as school stress. She has been getting nightmares because of it and even dreamt that all her loved ones died – I died in a plane crash according to her dreams. -_- Great…just when I’m about to leave for Japan. Anyway, I really feel like going to where she is with a tub of ice cream and chocolates (something I tend to do for people who have just broken up) but unfortunately, she’s half way across the world. There’s nothing like face-to-face conversation, but I can only ‘talk’ to her via the nice cyberspace. *sigh* Everyone who has experienced a break up often goes into a ‘low’ and think that they’re going to be lonely…for a LONG period. I’m no psychologist, but my advice is that one needs to take baby steps to mourn the loss of a boy/girlfriend instead of pushing it aside. It’s always easier to push things aside and when the emotions come bubbling up, it’ll hit you like a ton of bricks. Better to face it slowly. There…I’ve said my emotional piece and I’ve got to rush off for a stupid briefing. =P

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