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Okies…I am officially leaving for Japan on the 4th November! So…I will be taking orders for manga/magazines/figurines/ramen (yes, I have an order for ramen) and what’s nots. I will only entertain orders that are light (below 200g per pax) and the last order will be taken on the 2nd November 11 p.m. Payment must be made earlier via bank transfers – I don’t care whether you do it through the ATM machine or through the internet. Exception to the bank transfer is if you give me Yen…exact amount please, if not I’ll keep the change and regard it as transportation fee. Haha..I sound a little bitchy and bossy, don’t I? Well….I’m only limited to 25kg…so don’t push it. I’m going to buy at least 5 manga and 7 magazines, 2 packets of ramen and tons of souvenirs I’m sure. Plus remember that it’s autumn so I’ve got to bring sweaters over. =P

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