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I have only been gone for 10 days…why have there been so many changes withtin these few days? My dad went to Thailand on a business trip (which I didn’t know until my mum called on Sunday), my parents got a new car (which will be ‘arriving’ at the end of the month), the management have changed all the deck chairs and tables next to the pool (a very good move…now my condo feels so resort-like) AND Qiuyue’s grandma has been hospitalised. This time, the diagnosis is pretty bad…her granny has lung cancer. I look at my grandma and I wonder whether she knows how lucky she is. Old people being old, she tends to focus on the negative of her life. She thinks she’s “suay” (unlucky to all those who don’t understand hokkein). But some things never change I guess. The cycle of life continues…one day, I’ll probably be in the same situation. I can only hope now that Qiuyue won’t be too worried and disturbed. As well as that her grandma will not be in too much pain.

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