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I hate my law module and I got a B for my paper. Which means that it’s impossible for me to get straight A’s this semester and there goes my chances of clinching 2nd lower hons. I’m hecking it all. I can’t read any more of this law stuff. It irritates the hell out of me. Why the heck did I take it in the first place? Who am I kidding? I’m not cut out for this. Bloody hell…I can’t even use my pass/fail option of this cos of USP. F it. I’m so irritated with my dad again. I hate his higher-than-thou tone whenever he goes, “Why you play your music so loud…can hear boom boom boom in the next room.” First off…why wasn’t he complaining earlier when he was ACTUALLY asleep and my music volume had already been lowered. AND it really ticked me off when he said, “Why don’t you go and study in your room instead.” I AM IN MY BLOODY F-ING ROOM! IT’S NOT MY GRANDMOTHER’S ROOM BUT MY ROOM, GEDDIT? MY ROOM! I want my room back. I want to be able to switch on my aircon for the whole entire time I’m here and I can sleep at whatever time without disturbing anyone. All the things in my room would be my things and placed at exactly where I want them to be (people who know me well ought to know how anal I am about how my things should remain in its place). No outside influence telling me where I should put stuff or other people putting their things in my room thinking it’ll make my room look better. Ok…I know my room’s messy…but..ARGH…why do I need to qualify anything? It’s my room dammit!

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