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Another weeee thing for me. Haha…ate a dim sum lunch with Siew Mai. Yum! I haven’t eaten good dim sum for ages. It was nice seeing Siew Mai again since goodness knows when. We went to watch ‘Perhaps Love’ (如果。爱) and it was such a disappointment except for a couple of nice songs, Jacky Cheung’s powerful voice and Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武). I’ve watched ‘The House of Flying Daggers’ and in both films, Takeshi always looks as if he’s forcing himself on the female lead. Hmm…I don’t think he looks like a good kisser. But then, I wouldn’t mind being forced upon by him *slurp*….him and his soulful eyes. Heh heh heh…he’s half Chinese half Japanese and he speaks mandarin, cantonese, japanese and english! Oh gosh…I want to be like that too…my only failure would be japanese. Haha…I don’t speak cantonese but I think my teochew is comparable to his cantonese. Ok…I’m talking nonsense. Ignore me. I can’t believe that Newsweek placed Takeshi Kaneshiro as 2006’s Next Big Thing. HELLLLOOOOO….he’s been in showbiz for years and years and years….he’s already HUGE in asia. It’s just Europe and the Americas that he has yet to conquer. And of course, when I say Asia, I mean those with Orientals (ughs…i hate this word).

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