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I’m so freaking broke. And I owe my mum money. Damn it…and my mum’s haggling me for it. If I tell her the truth that i have NO savings, she’ll kill me. I’ll die a horrible death. I’m having money woes. It so sucks…and I can’t ask for pocket money during december. I need more pocket money to begin with. *sigh* ok…I can’t manage my money well either. 🙁 So…the solution now is to go out and earn $. Which I am actively pursuing. I’ve got an interview with Louis Vuitton on tuesday…for the position of a part time sales associate. I hope to continue through my semester. I need the cash. I know they asked me down for an interview due to the reason of my basic Japanese. I hope I get the job and I’ll be brushing up on my keigo. Eeeks…! いっらしゃませ!~いただきませんか?There are a few others and I’ve got to burn them into memory. But it’ll definitely be a bittersweet studying/memorisation session. Wish me luck guys! I hope some rich person will donate $ to me too…*crosses fingers*

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