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Went for a second round of interview with Louis Vuitton this afternoon. I didn’t get it. No, I didn’t get to know it on the spot. The store manager said that she had other interviewees lined up for the day as well as tomorrow and she’ll only let me know my tomorrow or next week. I came home and read my email…guess what? I got an email from LV’s HR dept saying that I wasn’t selected. Time check of the email? Barely 10 minutes after I had finished my interview. I’m so irritated. First, is the BS about the other interviewees. Secondly, I knew the store manager was pooh-poohing the part about my lack of experience. Thirdly, I did say something stupid (don’t ask). Fourthly, WHY THE HELL DID I NEED TO GO FOR TWO BLOODY ROUNDS OF INTERVIEW FOR A FREAKING PART TIME JOB? I really felt as if I was applying for a permanent job rather than a temporary one. Sheesh. To hell with LV and their ridicously priced goods. And I still laugh whenever I think of the cab driver who has never heard of Louis Vuitton. Maybe I should apply for a permanent job with LV (managerial perhaps?) once I graduate. Hah. That WOULD be poetic justice. I’m out for blood right now. And seriously, I overheard one of the salesgirl’s sale tactics…and I was horrified. That girl kept referring to her catalogue. Puhleese…if u’re going to be in charge of one section, at least memorise some of the prices!!

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