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Weee….remember me saying that I was disappointed cos I didn’t receive any thank-you emails or notes? Well…turns out that Honda had a computer virus (he’s “forgiven”…hahaha) and I just received a Christmas postcard/card(?) from Satoshi! Hee…now I feel bad about feeling disappointed. THANK YOU GUYS!!! Lots of hugs!!! Satoshi-kun, read your blog. 全部英語で。。。すばらしいと思う!でも、どうしてあなたの英語は書くときもと上手か?とにかく、I hope your English will continue to improve! 頑張ってね!

Honda sent me an email saying that he’ll be sending me a New Year present instead (ie. he sent the present too late)…I can’t wait to receive it. I love presents…haha…just the same way I love the phone strap that Moon gave me as well as the pouch (I’m using it to hold my lipsticks and mirror) that Sing gave me. Oh, I forgot to show you guys the photos of the cute figurines made of icing sugar…my bro plucked them from the gingerbread display when we were eating lunch. Haha…naughty of him…but they were so cute. So those are the photos at the bottom.

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