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*Christmas Eve*
My bro got pissed off with my dad cos my dad was being selfish and being his usual double-standard self. I shall not go into details cos it seems like a trivial incident but it is something that’s accumulative. So…after lunch, my dad got angry because he wanted my mum to cook dinner but my mum didn’t feel like it cos my dad never asked (but just because he wants it therefore we must have it) and my mum feels that my dad doesn’t help out in the house at all. So she’s very sian when it comes to cooking. This made the whole family (minus my granny) upset. I really feel as if this family’s held together with scotch tape and loose pieces of string. It pains me to know how little mutual understanding there is. I was rather upset too that my dad didn’t eat my roast chicken (he wanted his idiotic roast beef…which he didn’t think to ORDER since it was CHRISTMAS EVE!) and my dad purposely didn’t eat a lot of rice. In other words, my dad was also showing his temper.
It’s midnight and we’re in church. There’s a special song book left on the pews. My mum asked for one book from the front pew. The old woman grabbed the whole stack and told my mum that there isn’t enough for that pew and that my mum should go to the back of the church to get one herself. Wow. Talk about the spirit of Christmas! Her daughter (?) then passed my mum her own copy and explained to my mum that when they arrived, that pew didn’t have any booklets and so they had to take the whole stack themselves. Ok, I can understand her explanation but I was still pretty shocked at her mum’s (?) behaviour. We realised that the whole pew was reserved by those 2 ladies for their friends/relatives. Judging from the number of booklets the old woman was holding onto, I don’t think she even thought that her friends/relatives could SHARE booklets. Ah well…it always bring to mind about behaving like Christians and setting a good example. Which brings me back to the point about my parents. My mum constantly prays for a conversion of heart in my dad (my dad is like super paganistic in the sense that he really really believes in horoscopes and fortunes). However, from the way my mum behaves, I’m not surprised that my dad’s not converted. Sorry mum, but this is the harsh reality. I’m sure you guys get what I mean. There’s those who don’t need to let people know that they’re living a Christian life. You just KNOW it when you interact with them.
I ate too much during our lovely buffet lunch at Plaza By the Park (Swissotel). My body went into ‘dumping mode’. I just hate to let it go. No, I didn’t vomit. I just had to let go of whatever was in my intestines. Get the picture? Then, I was soooo full that I wasn’t hungry throughout the whole entire night. I only ate a little bit cos I was drinking and it’s a bad idea to drink on a relatively ’empty’ stomach. I also ate a couple of pieces of barbequed pork around midnight cos that was only when I started to get a little peckish.
-Anime Session!-
I couldn’t believe that we stayed up watching anime until 4:30am. After that, I went to the room to sleep but ended up talking to Kewei for another hour or so. Gosh…my eyes hurt when I woke up at noon. I felt so…seh….sorry, I can’t think of an english word to describe how I felt. Lack of sleep. Tired but can’t fall asleep. Short attention span. Prone to spacing out. Uh…get the idea? Anyway, I can’t help but feel rather disappointed in some of my Japanese friends. Only Hisashi sent me an email with a thank you note. The rest seem to have gone MIA. *sigh* ah well…
*Boxing Day*
Time passes really fast. I had to meet a buyer of a book today and boy…she was 20 mins late! Her reason was that she was stuck in traffic. She was dressed up to the nines and I felt so dowdy and fat in my T-shirt and shorts. Yesterday’s lunch has settled somewhere nicely along my hips I think. Yikes…I’ve got to start making appointments with my gym..haha…ah well. I’m going to start my Detox programme! I must NOT put on any weight during this festive season. I ate lots of salads last week mainly to maintain my weight as well as to detox. This week shall be no exemption! Except for when I meet Siew Mai for dim sum…haha! 😉

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