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Yes…it’s yet another Chinese/Lunar new year…the madness begins. I know that I sounded pretty envious in my previous entry and yes, I was at that point in time. But all those who do know about our history also know that Jean’s not exactly your girl-next-door. Relationships between her and I soured in Primary 5 but it was also at that point in time when relationships with other schoolmates also suffered. I’ve heard stories from RGS as well. She’s no doubt smart, but I’m not envious over her success – if you want to call it that. I’m who I am and my path is carved differently from hers. All the best to everyone. What’s important is that we work hard, isn’t it? So…I pray that all my worries in this new year will dissipate..onegai!!! I’m referring to my conference. If I don’t get word about my grant by Wednesday, there goes my chance of going for the conference. I hope that Rice University will extend their deadline for payment. It’s ridiculous to ask us to pay so soon…we don’t grow $.

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